The expert advices of our experienced team, assist in refining your brand creating distinctive and expedient solutions

Business Consulting

Get valuable insights and advices from the reputed names in your market to develop high end products and superior solutions

Marketing Consulting

Recognize and implement the best marketing strategy to extent your product and solutions in an appealing format to a larger audience of your target market.

Real-Estate Consulting

Trustworthy and reliable expert advices on buying and selling of real-estate that gets you the best deal in the market

Investment Consulting

Our team’s expertise and sound judgement help create successful strategies for ensuring high returns yielding investments programs


Turn your passion into success

Perceiving a unique idea and succeeding in amplifying the magnitude of that idea is what drives an Entrepreneur. Only when this drive turns into a passion, greater heights can be reached and higher profitability is achieved.

Entrepreneurs inherently multitask, they are wholly responsible for planning business strategies, acquiring human and other resources and deciding on budget allocations. Since they are solely at risk of profit or loss, they are almost always good at all the processes and tasks involved in their business. All these responsibilities leave them with little or no time to focus on the other important aspects of their role such as:

  • Strategical Thinking

  • Networking Skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Prioritizing

Karmayog provides excellent consultancy services to Entrepreneurs to address and capitalise on these important facets thorough successful marketing approaches, appealing branding methodologies, Strategic Planning and redefining of processes to gain higher profitability. We provide you with all the right assistance and advices for turning your passion into a great success.



Get Guarantee Success With Our Advisers

Launching and developing a formal business is a challenging process. Tackling the issues faced by newly launched program or the problems faced by an existing process is a difficult undertaking. The capability to manage and resolve these issues effectively draws the line between average and outstanding business strategies.

We at Karmayog offer our Mentoring services which assists in designing and implementing a flawless and successful program. Our Mentors are highly experienced experts from various industrial sectors who help the entrepreneur to benchmark peers, undertake market research, plan investments, train the workforce and perform other crucial activities that ensure the success of their venture. We combine superior execution capabilities, thorough research, optimal transaction experience and a network of professional partnerships to help our clients meet their knowledge and financial goals.

Our Mentors work towards achieving clear competitive advantages and upgrading enterprise value over the long term.

Business Networking

Get Guarantee Success With Our Adviser
Business Analysis
Market Analysis
Investment Analysis
Real Estate Analysis

Start Up Support Services

We Give Solutions to your Business

We at Karmayog comprehend that a start-up is essentially a bright idea, enthusiastic set of individual’s with a passion to succeed. However, apart from these obligatory characteristics, a successful start-up depends upon a lot of factors including, experience, financial support, technical support, administrative know-how etc. We understand that most of the Start-up Companies lack the necessary support required to excel in their respective market. Hence, Karmayog is dedicated to providing various required Support Services to these budding companies.

At Karmayog, we ensure that a personalized and comprehensive solution for all your Start-up Support requirements is offered to you at a comfortable price.